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Today’s post is about art or more specifically my artwork.


Rosebowl design
Design in charcoal


Since graduating from university last June my involvement in sketching, painting and other ways of producing artwork seems to have fall by the wayside. Partly due to feeling like needing a break from the intensity of the show garden and graduation exhibition and partly from needing to recover from health issues. In hindsight this was probably not a good idea as it doesn’t take much to pick up a pencil and apply it to paper. It would probably have been better for me to continue as now I feel I’m back to square one and need to brush up on those skills again. I am one of those people who is very critical of what they produce and for some reason I never feel like it’s good enough. At university they were always telling me I was a perfectionist which I took umbridge with at the time although they were probably right. Sometimes it’s hard to see things when your immersed in them but my tutors were better placed to make a judgement being on the outside, rather than myself. The problem with being a perfectionist from my point of view is that you never feel like what your trying to achieve is good enough, you always think you can do it better. It’s good to strive for better things but the downside is being suceptable to tearing things up or out of notebooks because of this. Whilst at university I learned to curb some of my it’s not good enough and tearing up tendancies, leaving drawings and images and viewing them as stepping stones to more in depth work or as practice. With a good dose of don’t dare tear it up or else from tutors I learned to feel better about what I was doing and accept my ways of working and idea development. That’s not to say it wasn’t difficult but now I’m not at university I have to do this for myself and that’s even more difficult.


Art, Plants and environment
Arts, Plants and Environment module


So I’ve decided to embrace my love of art again and to start keeping a variety of notebooks for different interests all in some way related to subjects I touched on at university and to help learn and apply knowledge and skills for work. Subjects I did not have time to embrace fully or develop sufficiently. I will do my best not to tear anything out or up, in this way I can see how my skills develop and progress and be able to more easily see these improvements in a visual way. 


Collections of notebooks I’ll use


That’s the plan, the next step is sticking to it. I’ve trawled the internet for ideas and found some interesting art blogs to connect to and also found some interesting articles on techniques I’d like to try out such as sketching in ink with watercolour, mixed media and field and landscape sketching and so on. I have some great books of my own too, some I gained during and after university and some from the library. You can never have to many books, can you.


Art books
Books on drawing and art


I’ve sorted out my notebooks so I know which ones I’d like to use for each subject so now it’s just a matter of begining and all that requires is putting media to paper….


Drawings of birds
Bird studies




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2 Responses

  1. Sonia (fluffy )

    Thank u for sharing this blog with me, it’s very inspiring and art work being therapeutic, I intend to try this out also. I now have a sketch book and will begin to apply my thoughts /ideas and interests to this wonderful creation thank u Fiona x x

    • Fiona

      Thank you Sonia, I would love to see your work if you want to share, I’m sure it will be wonderful.