Nature reserve

Bridestones Moor

A few weeks ago whilst my partner was maintaining a garden I went for a walk. This was not far away from where he was working through the Bridestones Nature Reserve. It is situated in the North York Moors.

Map of the Moors
Bridestones Nature Reserve

The walk starts out over pasture and then along a track and up towards the Tabular Hills Walk. I didn’t take the Tabular Hills trail but followed the bridleway along the boundary of the nature reserve and then turned off towards the High Bridestones and Needle Point. Initially the track is on a ridge so it gives great views of the Bridestones on both sides of the hills.  The path desendes into a steep gorge with a peaty stream at the bottom. The banks here are covered in moss and ferns, quite a contrast to the heather and bracken moorland.

Ascending to the top of the next ridge you are immediately confronted by some of the Bridestones. These huge sandstones have been sculpted by wind and rain into a multitude of different shapes. Some hollowed out, others with a myriad of nooks and crannies. From here the descent is down needlepoint and I’m glad I was going down rather than going up as it’s very steep and slippery underfoot. Having said that the views are immense and open out to look over a wooded valley of oak. The stream continues through the valley bottom with a number of foot bridges crossing it at various points.

The path continues through the oak woodland past a house on the left of the track and up the hills back across farmland to end up back where I started out from. This circular route took me about three hours to complete and was perhaps about five miles give or take a few. There are some steep places along the way but I reckon if I can do it then anyone can and there’s some beautiful scenery to gawk at. I saw an abundance of wildlife and stopped to watch a nuthatch for quite a while. That was special as I’ve only seen one once before. I only explored the High Bridestones so that means another trip to explore the Low Bridestones and maybe this time I’ll get to take some company to marvel at the beauty of the place.

Nature reserve
Bridestones moor