A walk from Wintringham

On 13th October my partner and I took some time out to go for a walk. We decided to set out from Wintringham which is a short drive across the valley from us. Wintringham is a village at the foot of the wolds. It was a rainy, windy day but as the walk was mostly through woodland it kept us quite sheltered.

The walk progressed through the woods which were dominated by beech and quickly traversed up a steep hill. In fact so steep it was nearly vertical. I didn’t think I’d make it to the top and suprised myself when I did. Particularly, as having torn my achillies tendon a few months ago I thought I’d be in for trouble. What was even more of a suprise was that at the top of the hill there was a quirky gate and fence leading onto a land art feature which I had no idea even existed.


This feature sat on top of the hill overlooking the Vale of Pickering which was shrouded in cloud and awash with rain. The dominating feature of it being a large dew pond with a seat to contemplate the view…if only you could see it. On a clear day I imagine it would be quite picturesque.


This was a really nice find and made the steep ascent up the hill worth it. Not to mention the fact there were carved figures keeping guard and ancient earthworks too. We walked a little further through somemore woodland then decided to turn around to seek out some lunch trekking back down the steep hill to Wintringham.



We couldn’t resist looking at Wintringham church before we left which is no longer in use but owned by the churches conservation trust. It has features which date back to the medieval period with its beautiful carvings, wooden panels and floor tiles. It looks in need of some tlc and now it provides a home for bats.