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I’ve been away awhile

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Well I’ve been away for a while, its been a few months since my last post. Having had the pressure of the show garden and then completing module work and setting up the exhibition for graduation it got very tiring and I have been feeling exhausted. To add to that I recently found I have some health issues which will take six months to a year to recover from which explains a lot of the exhaustion and I have felt…done in, so to speak. I am improving albeit slowly, so I thought it was time to start contributing again, make some changes and get back into the swing of things. Lots of things, although I can only do so much.

Today I’ve spent some time outside, it’s been flipping cold in the brisk wind but I braved the weather till it started to rain and my stomach was grumbling for grub. I was trying to finish off planting the pots and getting the bulbs out I started back in October. The weather hasn’t been helpful of late stormy, wet and windy, turning the ground into a quagmire. I hid in the shed today in the gloom where it was a bit more sheltered with a small light trying to get some things finished.


Container planting
Planting pots


I managed to plant most of the remaining Violas, Bellis and Pansies for some winter colour in the pots but there are still a number left and bulbs to get planted although I managed to get the crocus and the majority of the Freesia bulbs in.


Bulb planting
Freesia bulbs


Freesia are great as a cut flower and quite expensive to buy in the shops. I love their scent and they’re so pretty. I hope for both next year.

Planting is all about hope isn’t it. Having hope in the future that what we plant now whether it’s vegetable, fruit or flowers it will come to fruition the following season. Braving the cold, wind and rain at this time of year hoping to enjoy the fruits of our labour next year. I think it’s a very positive action and we all need some positivity in our lives, particularly on the gloomy, short days of oncoming winter. So whatever the weather throws at us it’s good to get out and about, prepare the ground, plant a few bulbs or tidy up. It makes me feel better like I’ve accomplished something however small.   

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5 Responses

  1. Jo Turner

    So agree with you about gardening being about hope, especially with bulbs… Also getting out in the garden always is so restorative, even though the weather is definitely challenging at this time of year, not to mention the getting dark so early : / It always does the trick..Really enjoyed the post : )

    • Chickity

      You’re right the weather is definitely challenging of late, if only it would stop being wet and windy I might get the rest of my pots and bulbs planted but we can dream of spring.

  2. Matt Interface

    Nature is the most remarkable remedy! The feeling you recieve from time spent outdoors is like no other. Love this post & keep enjoying the outdoors (but wrap up warm) Matt

    • Chickity

      Thank you Matt, it’s wonderful to be outside and I’m privileged to live and work in a place surrounded by nature. It brings me happiness and peace.

  3. Matt Interface

    Nature is the most remarkable remedy! The feeling you recieve from spending time outdoors is like no other ( just wrap up warm). Love the post & keep enjoying the outdoors Matt