We live in the Vale of Pickering in Ryedale. We have Thornton Le Dale and Pickering to the West and a plethora of villages culminating at Scarborough to the East. To the south of us is the market town of Malton and to the North, Dalby Forest, numerous villages and the moors themselves. One of the best ways to get out and immerse yourself in the landscape is to don your hiking boots or dust of that bicycle sat in the shed. My own advice I need to take more often. There are numerous things to see and do, the area is rich in history with its geology and ruins, flora and fauna abound, not to mention the numerous food events, farmers markets and small producers offering some of the best food stuffs around.

The green green, grass of home
Rural Landscape

Life beats to a different rhythm here. We are fortunate that the small road outside our home gets one or two tractors a day and the odd car now and again. A contrast and relief after living in a busy cul-de-sac in York. Looking across the hills to the North its possible to see the speck sized cars zooming along the A170 and if you squint really hard you can see the even smaller cars on the A64 at the foot of the Wolds to the South. Like all places there are pros and cons of living here one of them being that without a vehicle you would find it difficult to get to places. It’s a mile walk to Wilton village to catch the bus and it reminds you to be grateful for your transport. Fortunately for us there are more benefits and it’s easy to find the reasons why.

Glorious sunset
View from the house to the moors

We moved here to reap all the benefits living in the countryside has to offer. Tranquility, cooler climate, noticing the changing seasons, an outdoor lifestyle, growing our own food, keeping chickens, developing our business, the list is endless and much too long to put here. I love to watch how the weather moves across the land and I’m always excited at the prospect of snow. The landscape takes on a different feel and the views and land I’m familiar with become something different to explore.

Wintery sky
A dusting of sparkle

Yorkshire is a diverse county with its bustling cities to the South, Dales to the West, Moors to the North and Coast to the East. Where else can you find such a contrast of landscape and change in character. A great place to be if you want to study the land and all its contrasts. Leeds is a vibrant city, there is always something happening. Sheffield has some wonderful features worth exploring such as its Gold route. The water feature outside its train station is pretty awe inspiring. It also boasts some interesting squares and a beautiful botanical greenhouse, another place I could spend days in. I enjoy living here immersed in the landscape with a good rail network which allows me to travel to the city should I choose but the best thing about traveling to the city is returning to my little part of Yorkshire and this place I’ve called home.

Sheffield botanical garden
Strelitzia reginae, Bird of paradise
Sheffield station
Water feature at Sheffield train station