The chickens are in the dog house!

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It was a frosty morning that greeted the chickens today. Only their second frosty morning but they took it in their stride.

Chicken House

Unfortunately somehow the gate to the veg patch was left open later in the day and not wanting to miss the opportunity for a good old munch they decided to do just that. I wonder who the culprit was who led the others in. I can just imagine her “Hey girls look the humans have left the gate open, quick before they spot us.”

Delphie looking all innocent

We are now minus spinach, lettuce and other stuff, not to mention having a very upset partner who thinks they’re very naughty indeed…or that’s the polite version anyway. That’s their quote of greens for the rest of the year according to him…they do like their greens.

Thirsty work this veg munching

Its not the hens fault they just spied an opportunity. It’s our fault for not shutting the gate properly. When I let them out I didn’t even notice the gate was open. Needless to say it won’t happen again. Lesson learnt.

It wasn’t me gov, I’m sure I saw a worm here somewhere.









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