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To Rusty…

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Everyone makes desicions everyday, some are easy and some are difficult.

Ten days ago I made the difficult desicion of re-homing three of the chickens. For whatever reason Rusty became the unfortunate victim of constant harrasment by Goldie and managing the flock became a burden rather than a pleasure. After all the reason that most of us keep animals or birds is for pleasure. It became distressing to see him being picked on all the time and whilst intervening had an effect it was getting to the point particularly in the evening before chicken bedtime that I needed to be outside constantly to stop the harrasment. When it started Delta would also join in for good measure the others just tagging along.


Chickens, Buff Sussex, Golden Bird, Handsome, Rooster, Cockerel
Here’s to Rusty! You will always be remembered.


Poor little Rusty was getting into a sorry state. Most of his neck and saddle feathers being pulled out and needing constant Gentian violet applied to help the soreness. Needsless to say this was not going to get any better unless something was done. The rest of the flock were suffering too.

So, with a heavy heart I decided to re-home three of the chickens, the two golden birds and an Orp. It was suggested to me to look on preloved as I was wondering how to re-home cockerels as they always seem to get such a bad press and nobody ever wants them even if they are tame and friendly. It was really important that they went to a good home where they would be looked after and Rusty could regain his confidence and all could be happier including the ones left behind. After searching I found a sort of petting farm near Doncaster who said they would take them and so it was last Saturday we went off to take them to their new home.

To cut a long story short Rusty got a pen all to himself which should help him recover away from his antagonist with a view to even having some hens all to himself. What more could a cockerel ask for. It was sad to leave him behind. I could hear him crowing as I walked back to the van. I can recognise all of them by their individual sound, I know…it’s sad. I liked Rusty, I liked all of them but for my sanity and the sanity of the rest of the birds it had to be done. A week on and it is much more peaceful and relaxed. The four birds which are left are more calm and while the occasional sqwark happens nothing nasty occurs.

So here’s to you Rusty, I’ll always have a softspot for you, you were a beautiful bird and I have photographs to remember you.

I have no idea why he became a target. Just one of those things but now at least the other birds are more content and so am I for that matter.