Crocus and Bellis

Sunshine and flowers

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A very short post today to make up for my absence in the last few months. Winter has been a long haul for many reasons and a very wet affair as I’m sure everyone would agree, so it has been great these last few days to enjoy some welcome sunshine and chilly days. Much more like winter should be although I fear the wind and rain is not over yet. The sun was suprisingly warm on my back today as I pottered about, cleaning out the chickens, watering the pots and signs of spring were everywhere. The birds are singing more, Mr Thrush delights us with his raucous song in the morning and evenings and blossoms are begining to appear on the trees and in the hedgerows. I’ve even seen the Hawthorn begining to leaf on south facing slopes which is not a particularly good sign for February. Even so it has been good not to be squelching round the garden in a never ending sea of mud. The chickens have welcomed the sunshine and lack of wind too. They particularly don’t like the wind as it knocks them sideways so they can barely stand up. So a benefit for all. Everyone feels better with a bit of sun on their back, in my case as long as it’s not to hot as I burn to a crisp. Spring is a lovely month blossoms and shoots a welcome sight, nature stirring from her winter sleep and the wheel of the year slowly turning to a new cycle, one of fresh new growth, hatchlings, blossom and busy times.


Crocus and Bellis
Crocus enjoying the sunshine


Yellow Crocus
Open Crocus


Single Snowdrops
Snowdrops flowering in the garden


Chickens enjoying a snack
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