I just though I'd say hello

Understanding chicken

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There are some breeds of cockerels which can be quite aggressive, Rhode Island Reds for instance. Most people think tend to think that all cockerels are aggressive no matter what the breed. Putting the nature of breeds to one side, personally I think like most things in life it comes down to how you treat them and how much you interact with them. If you behave badly towards something and treat it with little respect and contempt then you will only get that in return no matter whether it is human or animal.


Is there anybody there?
I just thought I’d say…hello


Our boys are no worse than we are they have a general happy demeanour. Just like us they are cranky occasionally and monster bird (Delta, that’s him peering through the door) sometimes forgets himself when you let him out in the morning and he will try to round you up but some corn and grain usually sorts him out and then he’s happily noshing. They have never attacked us or anyone who has been in our orchard and they are friendly. Following us about in the garden, sitting or standing next to us watching what we’re doing. Curious and intelligent. They stand or sit at the patio doors to the kitchen and seem happy in our company. They always come running if we have’nt been outside to see them for a while and make chicken talk if we speak to them.


Delta (Monster Bird)
Taking five


Not that I can understand chicken that well but I’m learning. You get to learn their peculiarities, when they want to be left alone to do chickeny things or when they want a bit of TLC or when they just want to hang out for a while. So…I’m a great believer in getting out what you put in and if you put in care, love and respect that’s what you will get back be it human or chicken.


Titchy noshing
I’m sure I saw some seed here…