Scampston Hall visit

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On Sunday 5th October my partner and I took time out to go to a plant fair at Scampston Hall this also included the chance to visit the gardens. As this is our nearest garden it was to good an opportunity to miss and another chance to see the garden in a different season. The sun was shining, the air was still and it was a perfect day and a perfect opportunity to meet some like minded folk.

Thanks must go to Robert Parkin for taking the time to talk to me and make suggestions for things to research for my critical study for my degree. Thanks also to Gill of Lavender and Pinks for talking to us about her business and all sorts of interesting things and Roberts wife Angela a very knowledgable plantswoman. It was lovely to meet all of them and I hope to stay in touch.

I couldn’t resist buying some plant’s. A wonderful aster whose name escapes me, it has black stems and starry blue flowers, a tiny fuschia called Lottie hobby and some drumstick primulas. Pictures of these can be seen on our twitter page.

Our walk round the gardens which are a series of rooms was a leisurely stroll and there were some wonderful seedheads and colous as the autumn season sets in.

This garden was designed by the inspirational Piet Ouldolf. I enjoy visiting here as it is just across the valley from us and it’s nice to see it change through the seasons. It is very peaceful and I get so caught up in looking at the plants that I haven’t made it round the other parts of the estate…yet. 

There are some great planting combinations and as I was told the area that has the wonderful grasses Molinia Caerula were grown by Scampston themselves to save on the cost of buying the plants. That’s an inspiration to us all. There are some wonderful architectural shapes created by the hedges and sculptural box features. These take the form of coloums and flat round or undulating forms which combine with the light to create interesting shadows.

The grasses Moline caerula were at their best. Their straw coloured seed heads dancing in the breeze and shimmering with a golden halo when backlit by the sunshine. This has to be one of my favourite parts. The wavy planting pattern creating an almost terraced effect we viewed across the space. The rustling sounds they make are soothing. A place to unwind and take a moment for oneself.

I like this garden it has different rooms with different features the quiet contemplating of a reflection pool with box columns, simple in it’s beauty. The maze like qualities of the garden of box hedges and the riot of plants spilling over the plaths in the perennial beds. Each space has a different feel to suit your mood and you come away feeling a bit more energised for having been there.

I’m hoping one day I will manage to get enough time to be able to take my sketchbook and just sit, draw and contemplate the beauty of a garden.





  1. Geoffrey

    You’ve taken some great pictures, it looks peaceful.