Stirrings in the orchard.

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Damson flowers.
Flowering from the top down.


The current spell of warm weather has woke the orchard from its slumber. I have been watching the damson trees which have started to flower from the top down. This is where the tops of the trees catch the sun first and spring into life.


Damson flowers
Frothy white


It’s amazing the progress in just a few days. More flowers have burst into life and soon the trees will be covered in delicate blooms all frothy and humming with insects.


Delicate flowers
Waiting to burst open


Let’s hope there are no late harsh frosts or more gales to strip the flowers from the branches or there will be no fruit for autumn picking.


Damson flower
Damson flower


There are other stirrings in the orchard. The daffodils are just about to open and I have picked some and put them in the kitchen where they cheerfully decorate the table. This means the snowdrops and the daffodils will be in bloom at the same time. The snowdrops opened later this year they seemed reluctant to stir from their slumber.


Spring in the orchard
I wandered lonely as a cloud…


Golden daffodils
Golden daffodils


I would like to add more spring flowers in the orchard it would be nice to add more varieties of daffodils and some crocus. What I really love are anemone blanda. How they open and close with the sunshine the same as crocus. Their cheery faces greeting you when you go outdoors.


Blackbird’s breakfast


We have many visitor to the garden and this morning when I went to let the chickens out at 7:30 there were the usual suspects in the orchard. The blackbird’s were tucking into breakfast, I find that since having the chickens the blackbird’s are less timid and you can actually get quite close to them as long as you don’t fall over in the process of taking their photograph.